Ann O'Farrell, Irish Author
About Ann O'Farrell
Ann has an MA from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied drama and sociology and later taught drama therapy. After working as a teacher, drama therapist, theater director and designer for many years, she and her husband, John, retired and emigrated from Dublin to Palm Harbor, Florida. There she began her present career as a writer. Ann had several short stories and articles published before embarking on her first novel.

Ann O'Farrell

Over the last couple of years Ann has completed several successful book tours within the USA, visiting states from Wisconsin to Florida and Massachusetts to Colorado.  She has been a guest speaker at Irish Festivals and regularly speaks at libraries, book clubs, bookstores, club and association luncheons, church halls and the occasional pub!   She speaks about Ireland, about writing, about Saint Patrick and, of course, about her books. Ann has also enjoyed newspaper and radio interviews, and several TV appearances. Her latest attempt at retirement has been thwarted by being invited to present workshops on different aspects of writing.
Speaking Engagements
Ann  would be delighted to hear from any group or association that would like her to take part in a book event or to speak about her novels and Ireland.  She is also available for presentation of writing workshops.

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