Florida Memories
Over the years Ann and her husband, John, visited Florida many times on vacation and so, when they retired, it was an easy decision to seek a winter home there. After a long search they chose the Gulf Coast and finally settled in the Clearwater area.  ‘Florida Memories’ is a celebration of the beauty, and humor, they found in their new winter home.
Forida Memories
The brief word pictures tucked into this little gem of a book are excerpts taken from an occasional diary that Ann kept during their first
couple of winters in Florida.
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She says they also help to answer the question she and her husband are so often asked: ‘Why Florida?’
"Florida Memories" is a wonderful souvenir of a visit to Florida, but also the perfect gift to share with family and friends who may not yet have discovered the warm welcome, the myriad natural treasures, and the great humor awaiting them in the Sunshine State.
Reviews of Florida Memories
"Ann takes a close look at things we've forgotten, she shows us the wonder in simple things, and reminds us why we chose to live in Florida."
~Angelo Giambra, Author of Oranges and Eggs
"Ann's keen observations about the beauty surrounding us, give me a new appreciation of my Florida home."
~Joyce Milne d'Auria, author of Lumpy Porridge
"I love it ... It has SUCH a nice feel."  
~ Susan Adger, co-Author of  A Quiet Voice
"I love your little book,  ... enjoyed all the observations ... found myself chuckling a lot too."
~ Claudia D.
Ann O'Farrell, Irish Author

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