Kitty's Hive
Kitty's Hive
Set in suburban Dublin in1953, Kitty’s Hive explores a diverse cast of characters; the fragile Alphonsus, endearing young Danny, his bullying sisters, and even Kitty’s irascible father, Sean Lynch. Kitty’s husband, Thomas, adds friction to the mix, and when the investigating Sergeant Hennessy eyes the family’s maid with more than a professional scrutiny, mayhem ensues and Kitty must deal with it all.

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Kitty's Hive ... rich with the compelling and often complex themes, ... (and) ... a cultural guide to the mores, customs, clothing, housekeeping practices, and idiomatic language of the time. ...Mary McWay Seaman. May 2013 edition of The Celtic Connection, Denver

What an appropriate title for this book!! YIKES! Lots of tension! Lots of fun reading! Thank you so much, Ann. ...Amy H.
I just finished KITTY'S HIVE and I loved it! It was delightful, yet so entirely different from the Norah's Children trilogy.
Just finished Kitty's Hive. Your best. It was funny and the characters were believable. LOVED it. ...Nora S.
Ann O'Farrell, Irish Author
Tension, excitement, and humor collide during a chaotic twenty four hours in Kitty O’Connor’s household when her wayward nephew arrives, on the run from the British police.
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